美国政府为家庭提供 联邦学生贷款ALL students borrowing from the Federal Direct Loan Program are required to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete online Entrance Counseling 接受直接贷款. Federal loan funds will not be credited to the PSU bill until these items are completed.

Once a student is no longer enrolled they are also required to complete Exit Counseling, which reviews their loan usage and responsibilities regarding repayment of their loans.

美国政府为学生提供访问 联邦学生贷款ALL students borrowing from the Federal Direct Loan Program are required to sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete online Entrance Counseling 直接贷款.  Federal loan funds will not be credited to the PSU bill until these items are completed.

The Federal Direct loan(s) awarded to you may be subsidized and/or unsubsidized, as described below:

SUBSIDIZED Federal Direct loan is awarded on the basis of financial need.  Interest will begin accruing at the end of your grace period. Your grace period is 6 months after you graduate, 休学, 或者至少在一半的时间里不再被录取.

An UNSUBSIDIZED 联邦直接贷款是一种非基于需求的贷款. You will be charged interest from the time the loan is disbursed until it is paid in full. If you allow the interest to accrue (accumulate) while you’re in school, 或在其他未付款期间, 它将是大写的. This means the interest will be added to the principal amount of your loan at the time of repayment.

All Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loans disbursed have a fee charged. For information on current interest rates and fees, please visit

Please note the following eligibility requirements must be met in order to be awarded Federal Direct Loans:

(2)  Students cannot be in default on any Federal Loans.
(3)联邦直接年度和合计 loan limits apply.

  • Dependent undergraduate students are eligible for up to $31,000美元(不超过23美元),其中000个可能得到补贴).
  • 独立本科生和父母没有资格申请联邦PLUS贷款的受抚养学生有资格获得最高57美元的贷款,500美元(不超过23美元),其中000个可能得到补贴).
  • Graduate Students are eligible for a maximum aggregate loan limit of  $138,500. The graduate debt limit ALSO includes 联邦学生贷款 received for undergraduate study.

(4) Students are awarded yearly federal loan limits based upon number of credits earned as outlined below:


  • The PLUS loan is solely in the name of a Parent(s), not the student, and is not transferable.
  • Approval or denial for the PLUS loan is based on the parents’ credit history.
  • There is an origination fee applied to the amount requested for a PLUS loan, this impacts the actual amount paid on the student’s bill. 个人贷款的费用和利率是固定的, however, they can change each academic year based on federal mandate. For the most current origination fee and interest rate on the PLUS loan please visit
  • 只有父母才能申请PLUS贷款.
    • A parent is defined as the student’s biological or adoptive mother or father, regardless of whether they are the “custodial” parent on the FAFSA.
    • 继父母有资格借加贷款,如果他或她被报告在FAFSA与监护父母.
    • A legal guardian is not considered a parent for federal student aid purposes.
    • 一位以上的家长可以为一个受抚养的学生申请PLUS贷款,只要总经济援助计划不超过入学费用.
  • 家长在PLUS贷款中可以借到的最高金额是出勤费减去学生收到的任何经济援助.
  • 如果您的学生打算减少或拒绝联邦勤工俭学奖学金,以增加家长申请联邦直接PLUS贷款的资格, please submit a request at least a day prior to applying for the loan.
  • In order to receive a PLUS loan, the student must have completed a FAFSA which can be done at
  • If the parent(s) does not already have an FSA ID or have lost this information, please visit the 联邦学生援助ID网站.
  • 申请登录的父节点 提供他们的FSA ID和密码.
  • 选择“申请援助”选项卡.”
  • Select the option for “Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan.”
  • Read and complete all the steps required for this application.

请注意:作为申请的一部分, you will be required to choose the time period for which you are applying. 请使用以下日期:

Full Year:九月至五月

Parent PLUS loan applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are currently available at

Parent PLUS loan applications for the 2023-2024 academic year will not be open until May 2023.

  • 一旦申请完成,家长将立即收到信用决定(批准或拒绝).
  • 学生金融服务将在2至4个工作日内收到PLUS申请决定通知.
  • If APPROVED – the maximum allowed will be added to the student’s financial aid.
  • If DENIED:
    • PSU将自动增加学生的无补贴联邦直接贷款资格,在入学成本允许的范围内.  Students who have earned up to 60 credits may be eligible for up to $4,每年增加1万美元.  Students who have earned 61 credits or more may be eligible for up to $5,每年增加1万美元.
    • If the PLUS is subsequently approved through the appeal process, 或者增加一个代言人, the additional unsubsidized loan given to the student will be adjusted accordingly.
    • 在PLUS申请的最后,家长可以选择向他们的贷款添加一个背书人,以尝试获得批准. The steps required for this will be listed if they select this option.
    • 在PLUS申请结束时,家长可以根据可减罪的情况对决定提出上诉. The steps required for this process will be listed if they select this option.
After exhausting available federal and family resources, some students may need to apply for an alternative student loan to pay for educational expenses. 另类贷款是通过私人贷款机构发放的贷款,每个贷款人的条款和条件可能有很大差异.

Some things to consider when applying for an Alternative Loan
  • 另类贷款是通过私人贷款机构发放的贷款,不一定有类似联邦政府计划的好处, such as the option to tie your monthly repayment to your income. More information on the difference between private and federal aid can be found on the website.
  • 一些替代贷款要求家庭在学生上大学期间立即开始偿还每笔贷款产生的利息.
  • The interest rates on alternative loans can be either variable or fixed, while federal loans have only fixed interest rates.
  • Be sure you have applied for all available scholarships, grants, 工作学习和联邦贷款计划(通过完成FAFSA),然后从替代贷款计划借款.
  • Alternative loans are in the student’s name and a ‘good’ cosigner is often required. 怎样才能成为一个好的共同签署人? Steady employment with enough income to meet debt obligations, 能够履行信用义务, 信贷没有过度扩张, 信用记录上没有严重的负面项目.
  • 一旦收到完整的申请, the lender will perform a credit check and will let you know if your application has been approved.
  • Eligibility for alternative loans is based on the  出席费用 减去接受的其他经济援助.
  • 如果你打算减少或拒绝你的联邦工作学习,以获得更高的替代贷款或联邦直接PLUS贷款, please do that 至少在申请前一天 for the loan by 给学生金融服务中心发邮件.  Alternative loan amounts and terms can no longer be changed once the school has certified the loan.
  • Federal regulations now require additional steps to be taken during the loan application process.  学生现在必须向贷款人确认三份独立的披露通知,并填写一份学生自我证明表格,其中的信息可以从他们的财务援助中获得 myPlymouth account.
  • Due to these new requirements, the time required to process your loan will be extended.
Recommendations to assist you with applying for an Alternative Loan
  • Start the application process early, but not too early. 由于替代贷款必须在90 - 120天内从贷款人运行信用检查的日期支付, 建议秋季贷款在6月之前不申请,春季贷款在10月之前不申请.
  • Confirm that you are applying for the correct time period.  Typically, you will want to apply only once a year for the amount you will need for both terms.
  • If you do want to apply for each term separately, Fall only loans should have a loan period of September through December; Spring only loans should have a loan period of January through May.  任何贷款期限为9月至5月的贷款将在秋季和春季学期平均分配.
  • Complete and return requests from your lender in a timely manner
  • Check the status of your loan with your lender frequently
Important Questions to Ask When Applying for an Alternative Loan
  • 需要共同签署人吗?  如果是,在什么情况下?
  • Would the interest rate and/or fees be reduced if I applied with a co-signer?
  • Is there an option to release the co-signer at a later date (i.e. 在一定数量的按时付款后)?
  • 初始利率是多少?
  • 利率是固定的还是可调的?  If adjustable, how often does the interest rate adjust (some lenders adjust the interest rates each month, 有些是季度的, etc.)?
  • Is there a cap on the interest rate (maximum rate that may be charged)?
  • Is there an origination fee associated with this loan and if so how much is it?
    (An origination fee is the amount the lender subtracts from each of your loan disbursements.  It is usually calculated based upon a percentage of the amount you borrow)
  • Is there a repayment fee associated with this loan and if so how much is it?
    (A repayment fee is an amount added to your total loan before your repayment period begins)
  • What additional fees may be incurred during the life of the loan?
  • Are any of these fees based on credit rating or existence of a co-signer?
  • What, if any, 降低利率, or other incentives may be offered during the life of the loan?
  • How will the interest on my loan accrue while I am in school?  它会大写吗?  If so, how often? 
    (Capitalization is when the interest accrued is added to the amount you borrowed.  The frequency at which this occurs is very important when determining how much you will repay.  对你来说,在还款前将利息资本化一次比每月将利息资本化要好得多.  Either way, we recommend paying the interest as it accrues while you are in school)
  • 利息是基于什么? 是增加了一个百分比吗 LIBOR, T-Bill, or Prime Rate?
  • 贷款申请是在线申请还是纸质申请?
  • How does my co-signer complete their section of the application?
  • 我可以电子签署申请吗, 还是我需要打印, 在申请表上签字并邮寄给贷款人?
  • How will my school be notified I have been approved?
  • How long does it take for the school to be notified?
  • 我的贷款会被出售吗?  If sold, will I lose my borrower repayment benefits?
  • 在我毕业或离开学校后,我需要在多长时间内开始每月偿还这笔贷款?
  • What is the length of time I will be given to repay this loan?
  • 什么被认为是按时付款?  Some lenders consider payments late if received one day past the due date, others may allow up to 15 days before considering payments late.  Note: If payments are not timely, repayment benefits might be lost.
This is a comprehensive, three-year list of lenders used by our undergraduate families. Your family’s needs are unique and no lender is perfect for every family. Shop around to find the best loan to meet your needs.

请注意:该榜单不以任何方式排名. We do not have preferred arrangements with any of the lenders listed below. Student 金融服务 receives no benefit for listing these lenders. We cannot legally recommend a lender to you and under federal law, you have the right to borrow through the lender of your choice regardless whether they appear on this list.

看不到你想要使用的贷方? Not a problem. This list is a starting point and is not meant to be all inclusive. Some loans have citizenship, residency, or membership requirements.

Lender list



许多州为他们的居民提供非常有吸引力的学生贷款选择,以弥补联邦资格用尽后的任何剩余缺口.  If you are a resident of one of the following states, 有关这些项目的更多信息,请点击您居住州对应的链接:

Alaska: ASEL – 1-800-441-2962
Connecticut:  CHESLA – 1-888-295-0911
Massachusetts:  MEFA – 1-800-449-6332
Maine: MELA – 1-800-922-6352
New Hampshire: NHHELCO/EDvestinU – 1-855-887-5430
New Jersey: NJ CLASS – 1-800-792-8670
Rhode Island: RISLA – 1-800-758-7562
Vermont:  佛蒙特优势 – 1-800-798-8722
A 持续进修贷款 (if needed) may be borrowed if a student is not matriculated (that is, admitted into a degree program) or is not eligible for Federal loan programs. These loans should only be applied for as a last resort.

适用于非学位研究生(任何学期), 持续教育本科生, and matriculated undergraduate students attending Early Spring or Summer terms, payment for classes is due at the time of registration. 太阳集团娱乐所有网站强烈建议您尽早申请贷款,以确保在账单或注册到期日之前到位.


Although the lending institution of choice is completely up to you, we strongly recommend that you consider the following when making your decision:

  • 继续教育贷款是通过贷款机构发放的私人贷款,不属于联邦政府资助的项目.
  • 继续教育贷款比联邦学生贷款更贵,只有当所有其他选择都用尽时才应该使用.
  • Be sure you have applied for all available assistance before pursuing a 持续进修贷款.
  • Continuing Education loans are in the student’s name, and a cosigner may be required. 一旦收到完整的申请, the lender will perform a credit check and will let you know if your application has been approved.

Please contact the following for more information on 持续教育贷款:

Sallie Mae Smart Option贷款 or 877-279-7172

or 1-603-227-5423


 Studentaid.政府定期收到来自学校的数据, guaranty agencies, 直接贷款计划, and other Department of Education programs to provide a centralized, integrated view of all Title IV loans and grants you may have received as a student. You may access all of your current and prior Federal grant and loan information via this website. 家长可以访问学生援助.gov for information on the Federal Direct PLUS loans.


目前有 几个不同的服务机构 你的联邦贷款可以通过它偿还. To verify who is currently servicing your loans, log on to with the same FSA ID 用在你的FAFSA上. Once logged in you should have several options to the right of your Dashboard:

  • Upcoming Payments: When you have entered repayment (at the time you have graduated, withdrawn, 请了假, 或入学时间少于一半), you may review the amount and date due for your next payment.
  • My Loan Servicer:此链接将提供为您提供联邦贷款服务的公司的联系信息,以便您可以与他们联系有关贷款或还款的任何问题.
  • Quick Links: This provides you with easy access to frequently needed federal aid information. Exit Counseling is required for all students who utilized Federal student loans but are no longer enrolled in school. The Loan Simulator can assist with information regarding repayment options.
  • My Info:选择“我的援助”选项, 您可以查看上学期间收到的所有联邦援助,以及有关总贷款限额的附加信息, etc.